First meeting of biotransf project

The first meeting of BIOTRANSF project was held last 30th of November in Vigo (Spain). The partners from BD Center (Poland), RRA Severne Primorske (Slovenia), Eurofortis (Latvia), EDUCATIC (Portugal) and CLICTIC (Spain) have participated in this meeting organized by APROEMA (Leader of the project).This first meeting was a formal approach between the participants. It was the chance to set up the basis for the technical, administrative and financial implementation of the project for the whole duration of the project (2 years). It has also been established the planning for the next six months.

This type of project tries to identify solutions and innovative ideas and adapt them to other participating countries, in this case in the field of biomass, always directing the proposal to exchange best practices and innovative methodologies.

The BIOTRANSF partners come from 4 different countries that works together to adapt the online course developed by APROEMA to each context, legislation and language.

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