Regional Development Agency Northern Primorska

Regional development agency of Northern Primorska Ltd Nova Gorica has been established in order to unite all local, regional and national potentials and to realise development projects financed with national and international resources.

Its task is to identify the needs in economic and social environment and to stimulate regional development.

It’s mission is to stimulate development in economic, social, environmental and spatial area in Goriška statistical region, to prepare and to implement Regional Development Program and other joint development programs, to advise and to stimulate development in the area of innovation and technological development, to support local entrepreneurship and form contemporary economic infrastructure, to gain national and international financing resources, to be a friendly and a useful agency for all subjects in the region and to stimulate regional development in Slovenia, among members of the EU and among accession members, o improve life standard of all inhabitants in Goriška statistical region.


Eurofortis SIA is a Czech-Latvian educational and consultation centre based in Riga, the capital of Latvia.

Since 2007 we have been providing innovative solutions to schools and enterprises. Our main aims are quality development working with the management team and distribution of new educational techniques and ideas amongst teachers. Our enterprise products are primarily aimed at self-evaluation of a diverse nature, from complex solutions to small software tools.

Our services are divided into two main areas:

  • Implementation of quality management in schools and businesses using self-evaluation based on model of excellence EFQM and CAF
  • The growth of employees’ personal qualities and competences

To ensure our company’s ongoing successful development and its high potential, we co-operate with several international experts and take part in the development of international educational projects supported by EU.


With registerd office in Oporto, the company Formação Informática Educatic – Sociedade de Formação e Ensino Lda centralizes its activity in computer nets (as Cisco Systems, catering certifications CCNA and CCNP), in the Microsoft systems (MSCE and MSCD) and in the Java programming (Advanced Master in Java Programming of Sun Microsystems).

Nowadays, the preparation and the training in TIC are outlined into the leading activities of the Group Educatic as a benchmark entity of the formative range.


Clictic is a company with experience in the world of the TICS, developing works based on the e-learning and digital technologies, as well as realizing a wide use of the social nets and the tools  2.0, with works for all type of clients so much of private character like public organisms.

In the development of the quoted woks, our company offers all type of services directed to provide our clients with the design, the execution and the management of the demanded services, with the finality of improving its results optimizing its own intangible values: image, knowledge, motivation.

BD Center

Business & Development Center – BD Center provides services to private enterprises, self-government institutions and non-governmental institutions in social policy projects and entrepreneurship development.

  • Main aims of BD Center are as follows:
  • Promotion of equality of women and men;
  • Acting for the elimination of sex-based discrimination in work place;
  • Promotion of new technologies among women;
  • Promotion of entrepreneurship among women;
  • Promotion of disabled people on the open labour market

BD Center is achieving its goals through the following activities:

Labour market research – assessment of changes in different labour market segments, evaluation of effectiveness of particular activities and projects, analysis and assessment of present economical situation on local labour market and evaluation of educational system and labour market requirements.

Training – workshops on gender and equality issues, human resources management, conflict management, diversity management.

Publishing – organization of seminars and conferences dedicated to gender issues and entrepreneurship development, publishing of reports and analysis.

Work of BD Center is based on well organized cooperation system with NGOs, training and guidance institution and local self-government.


The Professional Association of Environmental Companies―APROEMA, is a private non-profit institution that was created by a group of professionals, whose aim was to bring together all of the environmental sector companies from Galicia.

Aproema is currently the principal Association that represents the environmental corporate sector in Galicia and it success is based on: relevant services and activities for its members, constant communication between the Association and the Administration and the introduction of the environmental factor to stimulate a change of mentality in the business world.